Spark Energy – 100% Natural Caffeine Energy Drink 250ml (Case of 24)

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„Spark Energy“ energy drink – 100% Natural Caffeine !!!

Spark Energy manufacturers aim – to offer consumers a refreshing, tonic, vitamin-fortified non-alcoholic drink with an exceptional taste, containing mostly natural ingredients and having all the positive qualities of guarana extract.

While creating the recipe for this drink, a special attention has been given to the used components.

In order to improve the quality of the drink, there were eliminated many synthetic substitutes, there was used natural sugar, there were adjusted proportions between guarana extract and other ingredients. It was received an unique flavour and properties – as a result of long-term components adjustment, hard work, testing and refining.

Since Guarana extract is not commercially useful, only 18 per cent. of sold in European Union energy drinks contain
the extract.
The use of guarana extract gives the Spark Energy drink unique features:
Toning effects do not occur as a sudden and strong power surge, which needs to be controlled by careful limiting of the amount of caffeine in a drink. This drink acts slowly, strengthening, calming, refreshing and relaxing. For this reason, the amount of caffeine in a drink and, consequently, its effect may be increased;
A positive tonic effect may last 2 times longer than in other similar beverages;
• Unlike other beverages it acts as an aphrodisiac;
• In addition to the stimulating effects it has easily expressed healing properties (improves digestion, relaxes spasms, relieves pain).
The Spark Energy drink also:
is fortified with vitamins – containing a balanced B vitamin group content;
increases mental activity, helps to overcome fatigue, increases physical and psychological endurance;
contains a greater quantity of natural ingredients;
is manufactured using high-level bottling equipment and packaging materials;
has a convenient packaging.
All these features make the Spark Energy unique among energy drinks.


2 reviews for Spark Energy – 100% Natural Caffeine Energy Drink 250ml (Case of 24)

  1. Asta

    The best energy drink for sure!

  2. Dony

    This is my all-time favorite energy drink. The Best of the best !!!

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