Product liability

Scientific research has shown that the energy drink of a standard composition or its components used alone in the same quantities, do not pose any risk to human health. Spark Energy manufacturers ensure the quality of their product and believe in the positive effects on the user.

From a health standpoint, the most important component of energy drinks, including Spark Energy, is caffeine. Thanks to it, energy drinks get their main feature – tonic effect. Moderate caffeine consumption, that is up to 300 mg a day, does not endanger health. In various energy drinks caffeine content ranges from 24 to 32 mg/100 ml. In Spark Energy, it is 32 mg/100 ml or 80 mg per tin. In this respect, the Spark Energy is not an exceptional drink. In one standard cup of coffee, most people drink in the morning and some have even a few cups a day, there is 80-120 mg of caffeine.

However, taking care of the welfare of consumers and assuming all liability arising from the use of this – is the responsibility of every socially responsible developer / manufacturer / seller. In order to better protect their interests, Spark Energy manufacturers:

     • Aim to achieve a high quality of drink, using natural ingredients;

     • Carefully collect information about the possible adverse effects of ingredients of various drinks to analyse them and carry out the appropriate actions to eliminate those effects;

     • strictly comply with the rules existing in the European Union and the recommendations of regulatory services;

     • Use convenient, smaller size packs;

     • Provide customers with the information about the Spark Energy drink and components used in it.

European Union legislation does not provide for the obligation to label additionally energy drinks with warning not to mix with alcohol. In spite of the fact that the note is optional, a part of the manufacturers (or suppliers) on their own initiative, together with binding expressions indicate a warning not to mix with alcohol. Similar expressions occur on Spark Energy packages.