100% Organic Hemp Tea

100% Organic and grown in ecological agriculture


     • Hemp variety is Futura 75;

     • THC level less than 0.2%;

     • EU Approved and certified hemp blend;

     • 100% hemp grown in ecological agriculture;

     • Flowers, buds and leaves;

     • No Twigs;

     • 100% Hemp nothing added;

     • Suitable for Vegans;

THC up to 0.2% according to European Union standards. Hemp Tea has distinctive taste which is due to the high purity of the product.

Instruction for use:

To prepare one cup of hemp tea, use 0.5 gram of hemp, place it into the mug, pour in the water 85C (200 ml) and wait for 4-6 minutes. The longer you infuse, the more substances release. The taste is also going to be stronger. After infusing filter through a sieve, in order to achieve tea without flower.  Recommended is the usage of with honey and lemon

Note: This tea is intended for drinking use only.

Package contains: 25g